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The Next Chapter

I suppose you could say it's been a bit of an unconventional journey to this point. How many aspiring writers/editors have a background in sociology, missions and theology, administrative support, and gymnastics coaching? But I'm here. And I'd love to bring you along for that ride as well.

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My Story


Some kids know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. They spend their childhoods dreaming about it, they take all the necessary college courses to pursue it, and they devote years of further education to making it a reality. That was not me. I was never the child who knew exactly what I wanted to be or what career path I wanted to follow. I had my affinities along the way, sure. And I always applied myself fully to everything I did. But I never quite found that occupation or field of study that brought me a special spark of excitement. That is until just a few years ago.

Chapter 1: The Past

While working in an administrative capacity, I discovered that tasks that are meticulous in nature — organization, data analysis, careful word-crafting — bring me a certain degree of joy that I don’t expect others to understand. I’m a detail-oriented person, and these tasks fall right in line with the way I’m wired. So when my supervisors started giving me writing and editing assignments, it didn’t take long for me to identify an obvious aptitude and recognize the energy and excitement those projects bring me. I soon began seeking more opportunities to exercise this passion, and thankfully more opportunities began to find me. Over the past five years, in each administrative position I’ve held, my role has morphed into that of the communications specialist. I became the point person for all writing, editing, and proofreading, and I embraced it with open arms. Then in an unexpected turn of events, the right conversation with the right person gave way to my first paid editing and proofreading job. It was almost addicting. The more I did it, the more I loved it; the more I loved it, the more I wanted to do it. It may have taken over 30 years, but I finally found my niche.

Chapter 2: The Present

What began as a general interest has transformed into what I believe is a future in written communication. So as you can imagine, when I come across phrases such as “create clear, concise, and engaging content” and “ensure consistency and accuracy in brand voice, style, tone, and grammar” within job descriptions for open editing and communications positions, it speaks directly to that seed of hope I have that through a combination of open doors and hard work, my newly identified affinities could actually translate to a career opportunity. Three years ago this same hope motivated me to embark on a journey through NYU’s certificate program in Professional Copyediting, Proofreading, and Fact-Checking. After wrapping up my final class in April 2021, I found that the experience only reinforced my desire to further pursue this passion for the written word.

Chapter 3: The Future

Placing high priority on quality and accuracy, what I ultimately long to do is improve, polish, and perfect content, and I believe this desire can and will be an asset when applied in my next professional setting. I have a very teachable spirit, so I am up for the challenge of thoroughly learning the ins and outs of any industry where I can contribute to the overall mission and goal. As someone who is passionate about writing and editing and has a hunger to grow, I am confident I can add value to any team willing to embrace my skills and abilities. If that team is yours, let's make it happen!


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