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Portfolio Samples

Company Brochure Edit

This sample was a hypothetical project completed as part of a copyediting test. I have removed the company name for confidentiality purposes and have replaced it simply with the word COMPANY. I have also applied a Microsoft Word protection feature to remove all personal information from the comments in order to remove the name of the hiring manager in her comments. Unfortunately that also removed my name from my comments. Just know that the comments in gray were part of the prompt, and the comments in black are mine.

Image by Erika Giraud

Book Chapter Edit

This sample is an initial edit I completed on a chapter that a former supervisor of mine was asked to write for a book slated to be published in 2022. I removed the author’s name but left proper names in the content, as those details are fine for public consumption. I also chose to include the specific parameters communicated to her by the publishing company (which she then provided to me upon requesting the edit) so this can serve as an example of how I navigated applying stated style rules in the editing process.

Image by Sincerely Media

Digital Article Edit

This article was edited and fact-checked as an assignment for a Digital Copy Editing course I took as part of my certificate program in copyediting, proofreading, and fact-checking at NYU.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Large Group Internal Email

This email is one in a series of bi-weekly emails I send out in my current role as Northeast Region Specialist and regional communications lead for a non-profit church planting organization. This particular communication tool was created in an effort to consolidate the distribution of information across our region and therefore minimize the number of individual emails going out on a day-to-day basis. Approximately 50 people (Bcc'd to prevent mass replies) receive this email update every two weeks.

Image by Marvin Meyer

Small Group Internal Email

This email is an example of a standard call to action issued to the core group of regional leaders I work with on a regular basis in my current position. Much of my communication responsibility is not only distributing information but also ensuring action items are heard, understood, and completed in a timely manner. 

Image by Markus Winkler

External Email

As part of the event coordination portion of my current role, I am responsible for arranging and communicating logistical details for two-day events 2–3 times per year. The details leading up to each event must be thoroughly shared with parties both locally and out-of-area so they can adequately prepare for their involvement. Included is an example of the initial logistical email I send as the event is approaching.

Image by Christin Hume

Marketing Writeup

In an effort to promote an annual regional event for our network, I was tasked with putting together an email template my team could send to those within our region whom they wished to invite to the event. I was also asked to generate a handful of short text templates that could also be utilized by those on our team who preferred to invite people via text or social media. Both are included in this document.

Image by Campaign Creators

Award Copy Writeup

A member of the team I support came to me requesting my writing assistance in honoring a local church's 90th anniversary. The task was to draft a letter from the regional director (my supervisor) that the church could frame and display celebrating this milestone, and also to put together three short texts that would be printed on plaques they would present to the church, the pastor, and the pastor's wife at the celebration event. All are included in the document.

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Call to Action Writeup

At a previous job, my small team of three spent one month of the year raising the bulk of the funds that would allow our department to continue doing the work we did. As the communications specialist on the team, I was tasked with writing a compelling summary of our ministry that included a call to action, encouraging readers to donate to our cause. This writeup was then distributed via several avenues as a part of our fundraising efforts.

Image by Nick Morrison
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